Rachel Jenae

The Lost Art of Choosing

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I was recently approached by a few friends on the topic of choice and the growing number of individuals who seem lost in the limbo of life not being able to put it to practice.  The discussion had started when … Continue reading

34th Birthday Shenanigans

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Hard to believe 34 is here, but it was a wonderfully sweet night with dear friends. Cake is better with friends and age is better with friends. What isn’t better with friends?! New and old, and a million different seasons … Continue reading

It’s Not The End

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It’s not the end of the story and it won’t be the end of yours. Any area of your life that feels like it’s dying or in darkness, just needs a little reminder of the cross. Hope is alive.  


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Beginnings are a bigger deal than we usually give them credit for. We like to maintain our right to __________. Change. Do it when we feel like it. Not be boxed in. Not be “extreme”. I’ve never been a NY … Continue reading

2015 Year in Review

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I’ve tried to think of just one word that sums up 2015, but it feels like 3 years packed into one and with it multiple seasons in each. Discovery. Adventure. Hope. Courage. Maturing. Waiting. Freedom. Mountains. Gifts. Favor. Not the … Continue reading

Children: Aeden and Evie

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Doesn’t get much cuter than this! Meet Aedan and Evie!  I’ve been taking photos of Aedan since before he was born and I absolutely love watching him grow up into such a gentle-hearted little man. And now to meet his … Continue reading