Rachel Jenae

When He Speaks

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When He speaks light shines, His reality becomes clear, my issues exposed with loving kindness, my day redirected. When He speaks everything makes more sense. Struggles and victories are all in light of the cross and His aim, His goal, … Continue reading

Making Room

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Often with the rain comes the stripping off of old things. We are expectant for growth and newness, but before that can happen the old must be removed to make room for the new.

What to do While Waiting for Mr. Right

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When asked to write a guest post for my dear friend Jory’s blog, she asked if I’d consider writing about being single. In my almost mid-thirties, I’m still waiting on the man God has for me. I tend to shy away from writing on this topic … Continue reading

Just a Taste

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Every time we worship we get a taste of heaven. Every knee bowing, every heart exploding at the overflowing goodness and faithfulness of a God who came for us. He made a way for us to Him. He made a … Continue reading